The search of who I am

I visited myself from various directions,
watched closely all the parts and sections,
but to my utter dismay, I still say,
I am in the astounding search of who I am!

Some say you are carrying baggage of your sins.
Others talk of soul mates, negative chaos and twins.
But I wonder if these exist in reality.
I yearn to have a clue of who I am.

Idealists suggest some sort of corrections.
I tried them with dissections and a few resections.
But have yet not achieved any good results.
Can someone truly tell who I am?

I finally resorted to the laborious act of meditation.
I am sure it’s some great mystic’s creation.
“Be positive and put your energies to it
if longing to unveil Who I am.”

But let me be honest: everything goes vain
if I am not ready to accept and acknowledge the pain.
The truth will be made known when I surrender;
only a blessing can divulge who I am!

So let me remember one Lord with love and admiration
setting aside all fears and expectations.
Then the unconditional love will flow through,
dissolving my boundaries and revealing who I am!

Thanks Giving…

Thanks giving conveys a very important message – the divine message of well being. It is not merely a festival but the way of life, the one that is ought to be!

Thanks giving is a treasure,

the one and ultimate pleasure

that shows the divine path

and eliminates mind’s wrath;

reveals the unmistakable truth;

oh! You needn’t be a sleuth.


That’s his wonder and grace!

Life kicks off at a steady pace

when you choose to be thankful

you become one of those handfuls

who comprehend his wondrous play,

phenomenal and incredible as they say!


Bless everyone who comes your way;

your glory can never be taken away.

Express gratitude in all you receive;

your life evolves by what you believe.

So let’s have faith in gratitude

And give thanks in full magnitude!


Happy Thanks Giving!


Remembering the forgotten

What else could be a perfect day!
The revelations came rolling my way.

When I chose to be silent and listen
the messages so clear as to glisten.

When I could comprehend that which is
the truth nothing less than pure bliss.

My soul feels satiated and calm
as if it was waiting for this soothing balm.

It’s only about remembering which is forgotten
our true self that can never rotten.

For it is the one that truly is
magnificent, grandest and pure bliss.

Valentine’s Gift

Bouquets of red roses;
the heart melting proposes;
overwhelming love cards;
poetic expressions of bards;
burning desire of proximity;
the air’s sizzling in the city.

Valentine is the time
to say, ‘You’re mine,’
and look into the eyes,
where all hatred dies,
which always want to see
your face glowing with glee.

Hold the hand and share
the love, admiration and care
that brought you so near
and wiped off all fear.
Immerse in the embrace
that effaces time and space.

Limerick Time

Roses are red and violets are blue.
Love is wonderful when it’s true.
But keep my warning.
It made Prince Charming
run in his palace holding Cinderella’s shoe.

There’s no limerick without a pun,
rhyming trios and the element of fun,
the Duos with subtlety
placed within trinity
and the finale like a bullet from a gun.

Luring Resolutions

Merry Christmas is a wish
not merely to say or give
but to relish the cosiness
of the lingering reminiscences
from the year that’ll be history
in the life’s story.

The shining star will bring
a new hope for heart’s string
that looks for love and peace
in every notch or crease
and reassure with the kindness
of the merciful divine presence.

Let’s stand in unison
with the luring resolutions
to comfort the trodden,
make all happy, and strengthen
brotherhood, love and compassion
in the new-born year’s expansion.

This poem was written in response to my tutor Esther Newton’s weekly writing challenge, where I’m a regular writer. It can be found at

It’s Time

It’s time to peruse,
chuck out the repulsive,
but retain the edifying.

It’s time to cherish
the goodness of the world
and preserve the gratifying.

It’s time to placate
the heart that was injured;
take a step for parleying.

It’s time to spark the hope
for the beautiful year ahead;
the time for partying.

Happy New Year to all!